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ZJD-DW55 Aluminum Casement Window and Door


Product Details


ZJD-DW55 is equipped with three cavities with typhoon nylon thermal break, which could lower heat transfer

coeficient. ZJD-DW55 series of fenestration system has superior thermal performance with general improved

tightness, which could lower general energy cost, save energy and be applicable to environmental friendliness. 

ZJD-DW55 description:

  • Better thermal break and light penetration : equipped with double glass with thickness up to 38 mm, and LOW-E

coated film glass.

  • Enhanced thermal insulation and transparency: equipped with acoustic insulation material inside internal cavity.

  • All standard shade and ventilation systems can easily be integrated in ZJD-DW55.

  • Preformed poly-ethane foams to improve the Uf-value.

  • Use of the modular plug in isolation steps ensures the achievement of the desired thermal performance.

  • Superior tightness , durability and use life : the use of EPDM gaskets or silicon.


  • Attractive slim sightline, same sightline for opening and fixed windows.

  • Choose from a wide range of glazing gaskets and glazing beads according to the proposed thermal performances.

  • Different profile combinations of frames and vent profiles with insertion possibility for finishing profiles and window fixings.

  • A comprehensive range of supplementary finishing profiles allows the fenestration to be integrated perfectly into the building.

  • Vent, frame and transom profiles are available in a range of dimensions to meet the needs of stability and design requirements.

  • A wide choice of hinges, handles and hardware finalise your specific needs.


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