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Zhongjda Fabrication Machining 30-10-2020


Precision Custom Machining Service: CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Drilling, CNC Boring, CNC Grinding, CNC Cutting, Laser Engraving And Laser Marking.
     EDM Machining Service: Wire EDM Machining, Sinker EDM Machining, EDM Hole Drilling Service And Small Hole EDM Machining.
     Surface Treatment : Sand Blasting Galvanizing Chrome Plating Nickel Plating Painting Electro Polishing Anodizing Electrophoresis Passivation Laser Marking Screen Printing Plastic Overmolding, Etc.
     Metal Heat Treatment : Carburizing, Carbonitriding Nitriding, Nitrocarburizing Ion Nitriding Mould Heat Treatment Heat Treatment Of Stainless Steel Normalizing And Annealing

Why Choose Zhongjda Industry

High Quality Production :
Zhongjda Industry has always been a professional team of quality engineers to carry out strict inspections on our products. Our product qualification rate is above 95%. You do not need to worry about receiving bad products because quality is the life of Zhongjda Industry.

Real Factory Price :
 Strong internal manufacturing capacity, can control all cost consumption, from raw materials to transportation, all steps are under our control, years of manufacturing network construction can get a real quotation from the factory, no middleman profit space.

On-Time Delivery :
Zhongjda Industry has a very professional cnc machining workshop, we knows how to compress time, formulate a complete production process mechanism, effectively and efficiently work, and maximize its manufacturing capabilities according to the production cycle provided by customers.

1-  Design & Development & Manufacturing
2-  Free product 3D design files
3-  Reverse modeling based on ideas
4-  Rapid prototyping of multiple materials
5-  Products development, optimized mass production process
6-  Combination of multiple resources, high-quality mass production.
7-  10 years of experience in rapid prototyping, combined with multiple processes, is trustworthy.
8-  7 * 24 hours continuous production, fast logistics delivery, complete small capacity orders on the same day.
9-  Physical factory, real factory price.
10-Complete production chain, one-stop CNC machining company.

How can we help you?

How can we help you? *